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++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + (> Night Crawler <) + + proudly presents: + + January 20, 1986 + + The Anarchy Files ... Volume II + + "Petty Anarchy" + + A.O.A. radio productions + + + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ * As in Manual I, I am in no way responsible for any damages, * accidents, or injuries incurred while working on an experiment from this * Manual. I did not make you to do these experiments, and as far as I am * concerned, this is for information only. Welcome to Manual II of the Anarchy Files. Here we will introduce you into the world of anarchy, and real fun. 1. Fire Tricks We can start right off the bat with fire tricks. Right now, I want you to go find a few items you'll have around your house and play with them. Find out if they're flammable or not, and see if you can do simple things with them (like making a blow torch out of a hair spray bottle, making a simple Molotov cocktail out of a flammable aftershave flask). I suggest you to do these outside, and make the results BIG. If that means setting your neighbors fence on fire, so be it (but this early i suggest you put it out before they notice). The Molotov cocktail out of aftershave lotion is one of my favorite beginning anarchy tricks. Dont forget normal items you wouldnt suspect. Have an extra glide on deodorant? light it up and throw it against the wood pile! First start off with some simple chemicals and then start doing stuff with after shave, deodorant and such. Suggested chemicals: Rubbing Alcohol, Glycerin, and assorted kitchen foods. Then go onto perfumes, nasal medicines, and aerosols. Its all right if you go too big (one person I know accidently torched his tree. Took him 10 minutes to get it out. Luckily his mother didnt notice even though the rest of the neighborhood did). Okay, lets get down to some more basic stuff. This isn't really necessary except if you are heavily into demolitions. Then you might want to memorize it, but it's nothing big. These are three ways to start a small chemical fire. The chemicals are available from a chemistry supply, or a # of other places. Try your local drug store. (Thanks to Zaphod Beeblebrox) 1) Take a few crystals of chromic anhydride and drop on some ethyl alcohol. It will make a small harmless flame instantly. 2) Next, Mix 4 parts ammonium chloride, 1 part ammonium nitrate, 4 parts powdered zinc (mix by wieght). Drop some water on it and stand back. See as it makes pretty lights. 3) Place a small pile of sodium on the ground outside, and drop water on it, only a drop or two. Watch it make a nice waterproof campfire. ---------- Chapter 2. Pressure This is the most important chapter of this manual, and it ranks up pretty high among all of them. This chapter deals with Pressure and its effects. Pressure is one of the basics of anarchy and destruction, on the same level as Fire and physical abuse. Say you have an adamantium pipe that needs to be disassembled (I wouldnt know why but this is our example). There's not a chance in hell you can even put a dent on it. You can forget trying to burn it too. So how does this pipe get sufficiently damaged? Okay, lets say its a part of a russian tank. It has a cap that goes on one end and it screws into a outlet on the firewall. You need to sufficiently fuck over this tank. The cool calm anarchist says "Easy" as he pulls out either a little baking soda and vinegar, or his tin foil and copper etchant. He just pops the baking soda or tin foil in the pipe, and then pours in the vinegar or copper etchant and caps it as tight as he can, and hauls ass out of that tank. Assuming that the pipe is sealed or blocked on the other end and there is no way for the pressure to escape, * ka-boom *, no more pipe. And no more prisoners if you left them in the tank. This is because along with pressure, comes the effect: Shrapnel. And large chunks of adamantium aren't something to hang around... Pressure is a surprisingly easy thing to come by. And the weaker and more brittle the material, the easier it breaks. Let's try our first "bomb". ---Ingrdients: 1 liter plastic bottle copper etchant Tin Foil Copper etchant is bought at any radio shack. It is used for making PC boards. First, make sure the bottle is clean and dry. Then put in tin foil strips about 1 by 3 inches wich are rolled up length-wise. Take it outside, get a funnel, have a friend hold it and get ready to screw on the cap, while you pour the etchant in through the funnel. It only needs about a 1/4". Screw it up and throw. In about 45 seconds (dont rush, you have plenty of time for a one liter bottle), the bottle will excrete a large sound and a huge amount of lethal gas. Make sure you have about 20 feet clearance. You dont want to be hit by the bottle when it takes off. A variation on this is to not screw the cap so tight and point it at your dog. In about 25 seconds the cap shoots off like a 22. As you probably guessed, the etchant forms a chemical reaction with the tin foil which produces gas. You can only fit so much gas in a certain area, because the gas tries to "push" back the more scrunched it gets. It is a very hot form, and it doesnt want to be compacted. When the push of the gas gets more than the bottle can take, * Blooey *. Save the first husk of a bottle (if you can find it) for a souveneir to show your friends. Anyway you get the idea. Here is a list of combinations of chemicals that will make gas. Each is given a rating of 1 to 10 to show how fast they give off gas. * Copper Etchant + Tin Foil: 8 Vinegar + Baking Soda: 3 * Nitric Acid + Copper (pennies): 10 * Hydrochloric Acid + Aluminum (in any form): 9 Well, the slowest I can think of is the Second one, so these should basically cover your needs. Note that all of the ones with the * besides them are poisonous and also produce tremendous heat. If you examined the remains of the above bomb, you can see what kind of things pressure is capable of. There was very little pressure in there (about 1/8000th of some type of plastic explosives we'll be making) and yet it ripped the wall of the bottle off, warped it, and possibly blew the cap into that magical places of places, Bufu Egypt. With a few ounces of Plastique or nitro, you have the power to blow someone's home sky high. (The other day me and a few of my friends went out to the forest and blew one of these babies off. It was a three liter RC. I said it would go off in 3 minutes and the bitch went off 30 feet away from me in about 45 seconds. Anyway, It's the thicker the bottle, the bigger the boom. Don't waste your shit trying to get a bigger boom and pouring a whole bottle in). Most combinations give off some type of gas, some poisonous, some hot, some neither. I listed a few of the most simplist up there, due to the fact that we aren't far enough yet to get into real chemical warfare. ------------------- Chapter 3: Gun powder Gunpowder is one of the most useful things you can run into. Depending on how it is packed, it can burn for an hour or so, or blow your friends c-64 to holy heaven. Gunpowder is one of the earliest explosives discovered, and definitly the most widely used. Ingredients for make-do gunpowder 70% Salt Peter/Potassium Nitrate 20% Charcoal 10% Sulphur powder all ingredients and if desired, bake in 200 degree oven for 10 to drive out moisture (it helps). Mix until powder is a greyish color. To detonate: Loose unpacked gunpowder is very flammable, and will burn for quite a long time. But to get it to go off, it must be lit in an enclosed place. The denser it is, the more dangerous and powerful it is. How to build an experimental house: What you need: 4 balsa wood 12" by 4" 4 balsa wood 5" by 4" 1 balsa wood 5 1/2" by 12 1/2" 240 cubic centimeters of cement 13" x 13" by 4" pan dirt rocks other miniature background props (trees, fake grass) This is the house that you can build to do with as you please. You can burn it down, blow it up, or put your little dollies in it. First, make the cement. now take 2 pieces of the first two types of balsa wood and make a 5" by 12" square in the bottom of the pan. Fill your square with the cement you made and pack it down and smooth it. Wait until it starts to set and then take the remaining 4 pieces of the first two types of balsa wood and make the walls of the house in the cement. Let this dry until everything is firmly in there. Then attach the 5" by 12" piece as the roof with more cement or wood glue. You can also cut windows and other shit into the house, and even go so far as to put walls in and second stories and shit. After the house is built then fill in the pan with dirt and decorate as you please... Blowing up your house: This should be pretty obvious. Burning it down is pretty stupid because you just wasted a good house. You can stick a ping pong ball filled with gun powder in it and light it off, set in a few fire crackers as miniature pipe bombs, or try napalm in a thimble. Whatever pleases you. Thats the end of Manual 2, hope you liked it. One thing though...please delete manual 1, cuz it was very late when i wrote it. You can ignore the whole thing if you want (even you fatasses). +--------------------------+ ! Brought to you by Matrix ! Again, this file was edited due to the ! Call The Surf Board ! age of the original. Is Night Crawler ! (412)/785-DATA ! still alive? +--------------------------+